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  • (2016) Giatsoglou, M., Chatzakou, D., Gkatziaki, V., Vakali, A. and Anthopoulos, L. CityPulse: A Platform Prototype for Smart City Social Data Mining. Journal of the Knowledge Economy (JKEC), 7(2), pp. 344-372 DOI: 10.1007/s13132-016-0370-z
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  • (2015) Anthopoulos, L. “Defining Smart City Architecture for Sustainability”. In the Proceedings of the 14th IFIP Electronic Government (EGOV) and 7th Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference 2015, 30th August - 3rd September 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • (2015) Anthopoulos, L., Fitsilis, P. Smart Cities and their Business Models: a comparison. In the Proceedings of the Web Applications and Smart Cities (AW4City 2015) workshop, in conjunction with the WWW2015 ACM 24th World Wide Web International Conference May. 18, 2015, Florence, Italy.
  • (2015) Anthopoulos, L., Fitsilis, P. and Kakarontzas G. Business Model Selection for Smart Cities: a comparison. In the Proceedings of The 12th Scandinavian Workshop on E-government (SWEG 2015), Feb. 3, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • (2014) Anthopoulos, L., Fitsilis, P. “Smart Cities and their Roles in City Competition: a Classification”. International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR), 10 (1), pp. 67-81
  • (2014) Anthopoulos, L. “Evaluating Green Smart City’s Sustainability with an Integrated System Dynamics Model” In the Proceedings of the CEDEM ASIA 2014.
  • (2014) Kakarontzas, G., Anthopoulos, L., Chatzakou, D. and Vakali, A. “A CONCEPTUAL ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK FOR SMART CITIES A Survey Based Approach”. In the Proceedings of the ICE-B 2014 - International Conference on e-Business is part of the 11th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications, Vienna, Austria; 28-30 August, 2014, SCITEPRESS.
  • (2014) Anthopoulos, L., Bellos, C., & Vakali, A. “Building Permission e-Service Status: A Literature Review”. In the Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on e-Government (ECEG2014), Brasov, Romania, 12-13 June 2014, Academic Conferences.
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